A rare and large sized Baignoire by Cartier, one of the few (if not only) that is very suitable to be worn by men. Originally the Baignoire is designed for women, but this model due to its hefty proportions and non-diamond bezel (contrary to many of the other diamond set XL models) make it the perfect Baignoire for gentlemen. Of course, it will grace a woman’s wrist equally beautiful.

Most Baignoire models will come with a quartz movement. Not only does this model feature a mechanical movement, it is also the only series to have a transparent case back showing the beautiful Cartier 430MC inhouse movement. This reference was only made very shortly and in limited numbers. In our opinion it will become an increasingly collectible piece due to the earlier mentioned reasons.

Cartier’s Baignoire is a masterpiece at the wayside, though not as bizarre as the Crash or as popular as the Tank Louis. When we refer to the Baignoire, we’re referring to the collection of watches that launched in 1957 under that name as well as its origin, an unnamed design from 1912. In that year, Louis Cartier conceived a small and unusual wristwatch with a smooth oval case and gifted it to a top client, the Russian Grand Duchess Pavlovna. By reimagining the conventional round design vertically stretched, he built the foundation for the collection that would later be known as the Baignoire. While Baignoire cases have come in a multitude of metals, sizes and proportions, the basis for the design, a smooth oval, has carried through.

The name that we’ve come to know, Baignoire, which translates from French to bathtub, was inspired by the cases likeness. While some find the tale suspect, it’s rumored that Cartier’s iconic Crash was originally shaped from a mangled Baignoire Allongée that had (barely) survived a car crash. It’s said that the designers then used the deformed case to develop what is known as the Crash, today. Despite the original story sounding more like fable than fact, it’s clear that the Allongée served as a canvas for the Crash, Cartier’s asymmetrical, surrealist masterpiece.

The watch is in very good condition and comes in its Cartier box with booklet. It is on the original brown alligator strap with 18K rose gold signed buckle.


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