About this watch

This beautiful regulator watch by Jacques Etoile is almost not worn and in nearly new condition. A very nicely executed and classic timepiece. There are several different regulators in the Jacques Etoile collection, but this one is more rare as it has an added date complication and features a very nice decorated bezel and onion crown. It was part of a limited series.

About the brand

Jacques Etoile is a German watch manufacturer.
The watch company Jacques Etoile was founded on October 1, 1996 in Lörrach/Baden. While the father Horst Jakob, an experienced watchmaker, who in 2001 celebrated his 50-year master anniversary, works quite in the silent background at the technology and the models, his son Klaus maintains external relations, including business and customer contacts and trade fairs. Not to mention the Turkish wife of Klaus Jacob, whose name Yildiz (English Star, French Etoile) contributed to the naming of the brand.
Jacques Etoile should not be confused with the historic Etoile watch brand or the modern Etoile nameplate used since 1986 by Swiss-Italian, Stefan Hafner.