Highly collectible and increasingly rare is the Omega Time Computer 1 (TC1). Released in 1972, this was Omega’s first digital LED watch and the first LED watch ever available for sale in Europe. Omega later released the TC2 and further generations, but the original and first execution we offer here is the most sought after. On top, this is one of the earliest versions within the TC1 generation (indicated by the single Omega logo on the display), making it even more important. The example we present is in an incredible condition with only very minor signs of wear or use. It could be described by many as NOS condition. It comes as a very nice set with its original box and setting magnet. Also, it still has the original Omega module (cal. 1600). Many of these watches have been refitted with a replacement module such as a Pulsar. “Genuine” Omega modules have a printed logo and gold-plated circular plate showing the caliber and serial number. These are fixed with glue and usually missing but they significantly increase the value of the watch. The plate and logo are still completely intact on this piece. It is almost impossible to find a complete and early TC1 in this condition on today’s market. A rare opportunity for collectors to own this iconic Omega.

The rectangular case measures a wearable 40 x 26mm and has a very thick 80 micron white gold plating (classified as gold-filled). It can fit up to a 19.5 cm wrist size. The ruby colored glass screen was specifically chosen for its filtering properties which help the numbers of the display stand out clearly. Time setting and time-zone adjustment are achieved using a magnetic key (stored inside the bracelet clasp) which acts on two contacts inside the case back. As is often the case, the original magnet has lost its strength and is no longer powerful enough to set the time. However, any other small magnet will work with it. This is a very special Omega and already was so at the time of release, shown by the fact that it costed 10 times as much as a Speedmaster back then. Just imagine how much that is in today’s economy.


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